Lark Street Capital

Welcome to Lark Street Capital, your home for intelligent and independent transaction advice. Lark Street Capital is a boutique financial advisory firm located in Vancouver, British Columbia that provides proven independent advisory and execution services for mergers & acquisitions.

Why ‘Lark Street’?

To lark means to do something for enjoyment and fun, often daring. Unlike the big banks, the team at Lark Street is personable and adventurous. We’re real people, just like you. We’re excited to have real people helping real people. 

Remember always, though life is often serious, it is also a lark.

The Process

At Lark Street it starts with you. We’re a team of listeners first. You tell us your story and we develop a personal relationship. We align our goals and priorities, and provide you with the financial services you and your business need.

Mergers & acquisitions is a fancy way of saying buying & selling. It’s a simple concept, but you want the best deal possible, of course. That’s where Lark Street comes in. Our extensive network of investors ensures we curate the perfect match for you and your business. We’re more interested in strategic pairings and lasting partnerships than a quick sale.

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